Give yourself a teddy bear hug with the Baani coat

We at Marimekko are very excited about our A/W15 fashion collection. One of the special pieces of the collection is the wonderful and fluffy Baani coat, made out of genuine teddy bear fur, natural mohair which has been used in teddy bears loved by many children (and adults) around the world for decades.

Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest sources for natural fiber, the Angora goat. This special fur is very long, fine and naturally wavy. Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angora rabbit. The Angora goat is a breed of domestic goat that is named for Ankara, Turkey, historically known as Angora. The animals are mostly domiciled in South Africa, Texas in USA and Turkey where the conditions for the goat are optimal. Most significant of all: no animal suffers in manufacture of the fur, which is in line with Marimekko animal welfare policy. Angora goats are shorn twice per year. The fleece is carefully separated by hand from the body with a shear blade. The fleece is not torn or plucked from the skin, and the animal is not harmed in any way during the shearing process. The Mohair goats are kept on farms with large pastures, where the animals are running free day and night. They are protected against natural enemies and guarded by shepherds.

The fabric itself used in the Baani coat is made in Duisburg, Germany by over a 100 year old teddy fur company Steiff Schulte Webmanufaktur GmbH. Mohair fleece used for its Mohair fabrics comes from South Africa and is produced in compliance with animal-friendly ranching and shearing guidelines. All aspects of fabric production, from weaving, dyeing and finishing take place in Duisburg factory. Weaving mill, dye shop and equipment are all under one roof and every stage of production is subject to stringent quality control. The Baani coat gets it’s final form in Lithuania in the capable hands of Marimekko’s long-term cut and sew partner’s employees.

So we consider the Baani to be a real feel good coat. We hope you like it too.