Share and share capital


Marimekko Corporation’s share is quoted in the Consumer Goods sector of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. Marimekko Corporation was listed on the I List of the Helsinki Stock Exchange in March 1999 and on the main list on 27 December 2002.

The company has one series of shares, each conferring the same voting rights to their holders. The company’s shares have been included in the book entry register since 17 February 1999.

Share capital and number of shares

At the end of 2016, Marimekko Corporation’s fully paid-up share capital, as recorded in the Trade Register, amounted to EUR 8,040,000, and the number of shares was 8,089,610.

Changes in the share capital


Share offering in the personnel share offering organised by Marimekko Corporation in 2012, the company’s Board of Directors approved subscriptions for a total of 49,610 new shares, with a subscription price totalling EUR 501,449. The shares subscribed for in the share issue represent a total of 0.61% of the company’s shares and the voting rights they confer after the share issue.


In 2003, the company’s number of shares was doubled (split), without increasing the share capital, in proportion to the existing holdings of shareholders. Due to doubling the number of shares, each share with an accounting countervalue of two euros was split into two shares with an accounting countervalue of one euro each.

Bonus issue

In 2003, the company’s share capital was increased by means of a bonus issue of EUR 2,680,000, from EUR 5,360,000 to EUR 8,040,000. In the bonus issue, 2,680,000 new shares with an accounting countervalue of one euro were issued. The bonus issue was implemented by transferring EUR 2,680,000 to the share capital so that the funds from the premium fund and reserve fund were transferred in full and the rest from retained earnings. In the bonus issue, a shareholder received, without consideration, one new share for each two post-split shares with an accounting countervalue of one euro. Trading in the split and bonus issue shares began on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on 7 April 2003.


At the end of 2016, the Board of Directors had no valid authorisations to carry out share issues or issue convertible bonds or bonds with warrants, or to acquire or surrender Marimekko shares.

Shareholder agreements

Marimekko has neither made nor is aware of any shareholder agreements concerning the company’s shares or other commitments agreeing on the company’s ownership or the use of voting rights.

Dividends policy

Marimekko aims to pay a regular dividend every year. The dividends to be paid and their amount and the payout date depend on the company’s financial result, financial situation, equity ratio, need for working capital and other factors. Marimekko intends to follow a stable and active dividends policy that by and large reflects the company’s earnings trend. Marimekko’s goal is to distribute as dividends at least half of earnings per share annually.


A dividend of EUR 0.40 per share to a total of EUR 3,235,844 was paid for 2016 in accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting held on 6 April 2017. The dividend was paid out on 19 April 2017.


According to the book-entry register, Marimekko Corporation had 7,270 registered shareholders at the end of 2016. Of the shares, 10.5 percent were owned by nominee-registered or non-Finnish holders at the year end.

Monthly updated information about the largest shareholders is available under Shareholders.

Management’s shareholding

At the end of 2016, members of the Board of Directors and the Management Group of the company either directly or indirectly owned 1,334,973 shares, i.e. 16.5 percent of the number and voting rights of the company’s shares.