Marimekko archetype silhouettes and block fits help build a sustainable style

Modular thinking is part of Marimekko’s profound take on sustainable and timeless design. Our goal is to create designs that help our customers build a capsule wardrobe consisting of timeless pieces they do not want to throw away. By recognizing that different silhouettes compliment different figures and personalities, we aim to help our customers shape a signature style that cumulates from collection to collection.

“In fashion, I am more and more drawn to the idea of finding meaning in repetition – like in music, the way songs are built on patterns and themes that repeat. When I think of Marimekko, I see us each season adding to the building blocks of the brand, everything working together to make a timeless wardrobe,” says Rebekka Bay, Marimekko’s Creative Director.

In 2021, to further support our customers in building a sustainable style, we developed new archetype silhouettes and block fits for the dresses, skirts, and blouses featured in our ready-to-wear collection. The new structural system presents three different archetype silhouettes: A-Line, Straight, and Fit & Flare.

The three new archetype silhouettes are modernized versions of the iconic Marimekko shapes we have been presenting through the decades. The idea is that these archetype silhouettes do not have an expiration date. Instead, they are available in new prints and colors in each collection. The archetype silhouettes help our customers find the right silhouette and size, especially important when buying online and season after season. In addition, this approach reduces unnecessary returns and the associated logistics emissions.

The new archetype silhouettes and blocks are visible in the collections from 2022 onwards. Explore the archetype silhouettes on