Marimekko Spirit

Our success is based on strong staff commitment and the ability to utilise every individual’s skills and creativity in daily work. The Marimekko spirit, incorporating the company’s values, guides us in our work. Marimekko has a unique atmosphere and an unpretentious, open corporate culture that is based on creativity and entrepreneurship. A low hierarchy and a caring work community allow informal interaction and nurture a spirit of getting things done.

Managers are supported in strengthening their leadership skills so that they can serve as inspiring mentors for their teams and create the conditions for operations to run smoothly. Good leadership strengthens employees’ wellbeing, commitment and performance. The continuous development of leadership capabilities and providing support for managers in their everyday work aim at high-quality responsible leadership in Marimekko.

Employee wellbeing

In Marimekko, wellbeing is supported by promoting employees’ health, working and functional capacity and by developing the working athmosphere. A close cooperation between the occupational healthcare, human resources, managers and the workplace safety organisation helps strengthen the personnel’s working capacity and wellbeing. Among other things, developing leadership, supporting the work-family life balance, recreational activities, and encouraging staff to sporting activities contribute to employee wellbeing and satisfaction in the workplace.

Marimekko uses an early intervention model which serves as a tool for detecting problems, talking about them and finding resolutions at the earliest possible stage. The model aims to promote wellbeing in the workplace and ability to work. We work for example on identifying the reasons for absences due to illness, and strive to prevent them. The objective is to improve the working conditions and prevent prolonged absenteeism and early disability retirements.

Employee engagement

An employee engagement survey measuring employee well-being and enagagement is conducted every two years. The survey is an important development tool in building tomorrow’s Marimekko. Based on the results, members of each team develop their ways of working together and aim to find best practices for maintaining an exciting working environment. In the latest surveys, Marimekko’s results have on average been on a better level compared to peer companies. In the survey carried out in the autumn of 2018, the overall result was 74.9 on a scale of 0-100.

Our Code of Conduct

In addition to our strong values, we have established a Marimekko Code of Conduct, which sets out common principles for responsible behavior in accordance with our values. The Code of Conduct also demonstrates to our external stakeholders the importance of ethical behavior for Marimekko. New employees are familiarised with the Code of Conduct as part of the onboarding package and every employee is responsible for acting in compliance with the Code of Conduct.