Sustainability strategy

In 2015, Marimekko drew up a new sustainability strategy that guides the company’s sustainability work until 2020. When drafting the strategy we took into account the feedback received from our stakeholders through surveys and interviews.The core of our strategy is crystallised to the five commitments and related targets presented below.

We design timeless, long-lasting and functional products

  • We offer durable, high-quality and functional products.
  • We increase the share of sustainable cotton in our products.
  • We increase the share of other more sustainable raw materials in our products and packaging.
  • We contribute to circular economy with related projects and services.

We inspire and engage our customers and staff

  • We provide our employees with continuous training in sustainability matters and engage them in developing operations.
  • We offer more information on our products, their proper care, and ways to prolong product life.
  • We maintain an active dialogue with our stakeholders and engage in joint initiatives within the industry in order to innovate and inspire sustainable design and production.
  • We collaborate, in particular, with NGOs and charities whose work relates to creativity and supporting women and children.

We promote responsible practices throughout our supply chain

  • We build transparency in supply chain towards raw materials.
  • We select our suppliers carefully taking into account human rights and environmental protection.
  • We promote human rights, a living wage, worker empowerment and safe working conditions in our supply chain through dialogue, audits and training.

We are resource efficient and care for the environment

  • We continuously reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by using renewable energy sources and optimising logistics.
  • We continuously improve material, energy and water efficiency in our own operations.
  • No landfill waste will be generated by our own operations.
  • We ensure high standards of chemical restrictions in the production of our products and look for greener chemistry whenever possible.

We offer an inspiring and responsible workplace

  • We support the personal and professional growth of our employees by training and building competence.
  • We foster Marimekko spirit, that cherishes equality, diversity, creativity and teamwork.
  • We will be the preferred employer in our sector.
  • We are committed to responsible and ethical business practices.