Managing sustainability

At Marimekko, sustainability is a part of day-to-day management and business development. Our governance model for developing and managing sustainability matters consists of the following elements:

  • The Board of Directors approves the sustainability strategy, including related key targets, as well as annual sustainability reviews.
  • The Management Group sets targets and follows the progress on at least a bi-annual basis. Risks related to sustainability matters are addressed as part of consolidated risk management and presented as part of the Report of the Board of Directors.
  • Each business unit and function is responsible for the actions relating to their own areas in order to reach the shared targets.
  • The business development and transformation team coordinates the design and piloting of new business models supporting Marimekko’s sustainability philosophy. The team is also responsible for the execution of the sustainability development program both for company’s own operations and the its value chain. Sustainability work is supported and coordinated by the Sustainability Manager.

Marimekko reports on its progress in its Statement of non-financial information, published in connection with the Financial Statements, as well as in its annual Sustainability Review, including its GRI report.
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