Managing sustainability

At Marimekko, sustainability is a part of day-to-day management and business development. Our governance model for developing and managing sustainability matters consists of the following elements:

  • The Board of Directors approves the sustainability strategy, including related key targets, as well as annual sustainability reviews.
  • The Management Group sets targets and follows the progress on a bi-annual basis. Risks related to sustainability matters are addressed as part of consolidated risk management and presented as part of the Report of the Board of Directors.
  • Each business unit and function is responsible for the actions relating to their own areas in order to reach the shared targets.
  • Sustainability work is supported and coordinated by the Sustainability Manager.

Marimekko reports on its progress in its Statement of non-financial information, published in connection with the Financial Statements, as well as in its annual Sustainability Review, including its GRI report. Read more on our publications