Marimekko’s success rests on strong staff commitment and the ability to utilize every individual’s skills and creativity in daily work. We believe in fairness, courage and cooperation, and foster an open, non-hierarchical corporate culture that is based on creativity and entrepreneurship. The Marimekko spirit, incorporating the company’s values, forms the backbone for our daily work together.

Marimekko’s culture and working environment are founded on equality and cherishing diversity. No discrimination is tolerated. We want to provide a safe, caring, communal and respectful working environment for each Marimekko employee.

Open jobs

Interested in joining us? Check out our current vacancies.

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Marimekko as an employer

Our success springs from the solid commitment of our personnel, and from our ability to allow everyone to put their skills and creativity into use in their daily work.

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Careers at Marimekko

Marimekko offers a variety of tasks in different fields. The strong and attractive Marimekko brand is an asset in the job market and our aim is to be the most popular and respected employer with the best employees.

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