60-year-old Jokapoika shirt is still going strong – an ode to timeless design

Some things are classics from the moment they are born, and the Jokapoika shirt designed by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi in 1956 could be considered as one of those classics. The shirt is one of Marimekko’s classic products that have been sold for the longest period in the history of the company. This year Jokapoika is already reached its sixties and is still holding on tightly to its popularity also among the men, women, girls, and boys of the new generations.

“Sustainable and timeless design has always been in the core of our design philosophy, and Jokapoika shirt is an excellent example of implementing this idea. We aim to always design products that are durable and stand the test of time, and bring joy to their users for a long time – ideally for many generations”, says Emmakaisa Soisalo, Marimekko’s Designer and Design & Product Development Manager, Ready-to-wear.

Local printing in Helsinki

Every year about a million metres of fabrics is printed in Marimekko’s own printing factory in Helsinki, including the Piccolo fabric used in Jokapoika shirts. From Helsinki, the fabric travel to Estonia where the shirts get their final form. The cotton fabric is coming from Germany.

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