We actively work to prolong product lifetime

The work that Marimekko does to extend the life cycle of its products is multifold. In addition to timeless aesthetics, Marimekko aims to prolong the product lifetime e.g., by designing for adjustability and by further enhancing the careability and repairability of its products.

Our goal is that, if properly cared for, Marimekko products can last for one generation to another. Proper care helps prolong the product’s lifetime and keep it beautiful longer. Extending the product’s lifetime is also an effective way to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry.

To help our customers care for their items, we have published a comprehensive care guide for our products in our online store. We regularly feature the guide and best care practices in our social media channels. In addition, a large part of our products come with a guide leaflet giving tips on product care. We also actively expand our offering in lifecycle services, including care and repair.

In addition, our textile products are marked with the Clevercare label. At Clevercare.info our customers find care instructions that save the environment and the product as well as effort and money, such as not washing products unnecessarily often or in a too warm temperature.