We make designs that stand the test of time

Marimekko’s operations and design philosophy have always been based on a sustainable approach: we want to offer our customers timeless, functional and durable products that bring them long-lasting joy and that they will not want to throw away. A long-lasting product is also a sustainable choice.

Marimekko products are designed to stand up to time and use. Timeless product design is the core of our business and the mainstay of our sustainability philosophy. We aim to lengthen the life cycle of our products in various ways. The work to maximize a product’s life cycle and make it as sustainable as possible begins on the designer’s drawing board and material choices play an important role in this.

Finland is still an important manufacturing country for Marimekko: in our own printing factory in Helsinki around million meters of fabric is printed every year. The Marimekko factory is one of the only industrial-scale textile printing factories in the Nordic countries. Fabric printing and design expertise has always been the core of our business. New printed fabrics and the products made from them result from teamwork between specialists in several different fields, and it is particularly important that our designers are able to work close to the production facility. The overall trend in the sector is completely different, but we want to go against the trend because we believe that being a pioneer in pattern design goes hand-in-hand with in-house production. The factory also serves as an innovation hub for our key differentiator – the art of printmaking – and enables active participation in research and development projects focusing on improving the sustainability of our products and operations.