Sustainability management at Marimekko

At Marimekko, sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything we do. One of our values is “fairness to everyone and everything”, which crystallizes our approach to sustainability: we treat people fairly and strive to create products that provide long-lasting joy while we minimize the environmental impacts. For us, sustainability work is part of our day-to-day activities and the development of our operations.

The focus areas for our sustainability strategy and work have been determined based on Marimekko’s brand and the company’s vision and values, paired with analyses of the megatrends affecting the fashion and textile industry, consumer trends and insight, studies on sustainability factors in the whole value chain and benchmarking of industry practices, stakeholder dialogue, and input from employees.

Each team and business unit at Marimekko is responsible for sustainability actions in their respective area. The Business Development & Transformation function, and its sustainability experts, is responsible for ensuring the execution of Marimekko’s Sustainability Transformation Program both for the company’s own operations and its value chain.

Marimekko Innovation Works – a cross-functional, in-house innovation function – is responsible together with our partners for the development, promotion, and piloting of innovative materials, dyes, and technologies, as well as new business models and services related to, for instance, the circular economy.

The Board of Directors approves Marimekko Code of Conduct and the sustainability strategy, including related key targets, and monitors annual sustainability reporting. Marimekko’s ethics and compliance program is also approved and followed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sets the annual targets for the President & CEO and the members of the Management Group. For all members of the top management, these also include sustainability-related metrics. These targets are then further expanded on and rolled out to all Marimekko teams and business units and followed up by the Management Group on at least bi-annual basis.

Risks related to non-financial matters, including environmental, social, human rights and anti-bribery and anti-corruption are addressed as part of Marimekko’s consolidated risk management. Key risks and risk management measures are reported annually in the report of the Board of Directors and quarterly in interim reports, and in compliance with corporate governance principles, laws and regulations. Individual reports may also be published whenever necessary.

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