Marimekko as an employer

The Marimekko Spirit, unique corporate culture and getting things done

Our success springs from the solid commitment of our personnel and from ensuring that everyone can put their skills and creativity into use in their daily work. Our core values – the Marimekko Spirit – form the basis for our daily work. At Marimekko, there is a corporate culture, in which openness, creativity and entrepreneurship are highlighted. We greatly respect everyone’s unique contribution. We work in a straightforward way, which is supported by our low organizational hierarchy and caring working community.

Marimekko as an employer

Marimekko employs around 470 professionals (full-time equivalents) in nine countries. Our company is undergoing a phase of international growth. Due to the company’s expansion, expertise in international business is increasingly important at Marimekko. The key strategic focus areas for the coming years, such as sustainability, accelerating growth in Asia and wider digitalization of the value chain, offer interesting career opportunities.

Personnel development and well-being

At Marimekko, personnel development means fostering the motivation and constant growth of employees, to also support the company’s business targets. We encourage and support our employees in their personal and professional growth by providing them with development opportunities such as training, job rotation and on-the-job learning. We support our managers to develop their managerial and leadership skills in order for them to be even better able to act as inspiring team leaders and to create prerequisites for smooth operation.

Occupational health & safety as well as employee well-being are our highest priority. Employee well-being is built every day, and safe working conditions, competent management and meaningful tasks are some of the cornerstones of well-being at work. A part of building good working conditions is, for example, to ensure that managers have tools to support their teams in well-being matters. With a pre-emptive and holistic approach as well as these tools, we as a company are able to support our employees to thrive, to feel that their work is meaningful and to gain a better work-life balance.

In addition to global benefits, Marimekko personnel has country-specific ones. For example, some of the benefits in Finland include

  • Staff discount
  • Working clothes benefit
  • Occupational health care (wider services)
  • Flexible working time &hybrid benefits
  • Sports, culture and well-being benefits
  • Bicycle benefit
  • Hobby clubs
  • Lunch benefit
  • Morning porridge (a tradition by Armi Ratia)
  • Recreational activities and events for employees