International and varied tasks

We at Marimekko offer a variety of tasks in different fields. Below you can read more about the areas in which our employees work.


Marimekko’s unique art of printmaking is visible on products are created by our designers. They collaborate with product developers and other professionals in building our product assortment based on Marimekko’s lifestyle concept. In addition to creating new collections, the designers also work on the classics our customers love and focus on – together with other professionals – making our products timeless and of high-quality.

Creative Concepts

Our Creative Concepts team is responsible for creating Marimekko’s creative concepts and supporting their implementation. This function also provides internal art direction services.

Product Development and Quality

Our sourcing team finds the best supplier partners for us. We select our suppliers carefully and emphasize, for instance, reliability and suppliers’ sustainability approach in our selection of partners. Sourcing team ensures that our products have the best possible price-quality ratio.

Long-term partnerships benefit our in-house product development as well. Our product developers convert the visions of our designers into a reality and finalize the products ready for manufacturing, in cooperation with the experts of our suppliers.

Our quality team’s objective is to ensure the quality and compliance of Marimekko’s products – in collaboration with design, sourcing and product development teams.

Printing factory

A large part of Marimekko’s printed fabrics, used across our three product lines, is produced in Helsinki in the company’s own textile printing factory. The professionals working at different workstations such as the color lab, screen making, printing machines, finishing, and quality inspection, are poised to put into practice a designer’s wildest ideas. The printing factory also acts as an innovation hub for Marimekko’s key differentiator, its art of printmaking, and enables active participation in research and development projects related to Marimekko’s products and operations.

Product planning

Our Demand and Production Planning team plays a pivotal role in overseeing the planning and follow-up of our global production with external suppliers. Serving as the link between our sourcing and logistics teams, they ensure that production aligns with agreed-upon timelines.


The Merchandising team at Marimekko oversees the implementation of our Product Line and Merchandising strategy for all product lines and ensures seamless delivery aligned with the brand, business objectives and global market needs. The team is also responsible for creating our merchandising plans and supports strategic decision-making regarding collection building. This team works closely together with experts from other teams – such as our Creative Director, designers and development teams – and our partners.


Completing the value chain is our global Logistics team, which handles incoming goods from suppliers, global warehouse operations, and shipping of products to our wholesale customers or consumers buying via digital channels.


The sales function draws up our multichannel sales concepts. Local teams in different markets are responsible for implementing the concepts as well as for cooperation with our distributors. Sales staff in Marimekko stores create inspiring customer encounters, ensuring that customers return to shop with us time and time again.

The Sales function includes a global team, several market area teams as well as the store network. Global Sales team draws up multichannel sales concepts, and the local teams in the different market areas are responsible for implementing them as well as for cooperation with our retailers. Sales staff working in Marimekko stores create inspiring customer encounters and ensure that customers return to shop with us time and time again. For our digital experience, please check out our Technology function.

Global Marketing & PR

The marketing and PR function is responsible for planning and execution of Marimekko’s global omnichannel marketing and earned media creation as well as brand collaborations and global store concept development. Our marketing professionals also make sure we engage with our customers as well as industry insiders by creating interesting content and events, supporting the commercial success of the company.

Communications & Investor Relations

The communications & IR team’s key objective is to build Marimekko’s global brand awareness and corporate image. The team is responsible for Marimekko’s internal communications, corporate media and investor relations as well as financial and sustainability communications.

People & Culture (HR)

Marimekko’s People & Culture team ensures that the company’s people processes are clear and support the employment lifecycle in the best possible way while enhancing a good employee experience. This team works, for example, with recruitment, onboarding, competence development and the promotion of well-being at work. It is also responsible for ensuring that the prerequisites for employees to succeed and develop at work, in alignment with our SCALE strategy, are in place. In addition, this team focuses on the development of leadership and managerial work as well as on company culture.


Finance is responsible for the external and internal accounting at Marimekko, covering a variety of different tasks from financial planning to tax matters and credit control. This function is responsible for the accuracy of financial reporting as well as provides relevant financial information for decision-making. 

Legal Affairs

Our Legal Affairs function is responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding Marimekko’s reputation, and providing legal advice and support to other functions. Team’s responsibilities include for example corporate governance, contract matters, ethics & compliance and intellectual property matters.


The Technology function is responsible for executing Marimekko’s ambition for end-to-end digitality to scale growth according to the strategy. The teams’ responsibilities range from designing omnichannel experiences, digital marketing, operating commerce platforms, including B2C, our second-hand and vintage marketplace Pre-loved, B2B as well as the point-of-sales systems at retail, to developing and maintaining the company’s enterprise architecture, end-user services, data & analytics and digital infrastructure.

Business Development & Transformation

The Business Development & Transformation function is responsible for Marimekko’s strategy in close collaboration with the Management Board and the Board of Directors. It drives the implementation of Marimekko’s strategy as well as the strategically most important development projects. This function includes Marimekko’s sustainability team, which works on sustainability matters related to our internal operations, products, services and value chain in close collaboration with other functions. Marimekko’s sustainability work focuses, for example, on timeless design, material innovations, the transparency of our value chain as well as supplier collaboration.

Innovation Works

This cross-functional and multidisciplinary team focuses, in particular, on new material innovations, development of circular services as well as on building new business models.