International and varied tasks

Marimekko offers a variety of tasks in different fields. The strong and attractive Marimekko brand is an asset in the job market and our aim is to be the most popular and respected employer with the best employees.


Marimekko’s original patterns and products are created by our designers. They collaborate with product developers and other professionals in building a product assortment based on Marimekko’s lifestyle concept. In addition to creating new collections, the designers also work on the classics our customers love.

Sourcing and product development

Our sourcing emphasises responsibility and reliability in the selection of suppliers and ensures that the price-quality ratio of our products stays optimal. Our long-term partnerships benefit our in-house product development, as well. The product developers make the visions of our designers a reality and finish the products to make them ready for manufacturing, in cooperation with the experts of our suppliers.


Most of our fabric – a total of over a million metres per year – is printed at our own textile printing factory. The professionals working at different workstations, the colour lab, screen making, printing machines, finishing and quality inspection, are poised to put into practice a designer’s wildest ideas.


The team responsible for our global merchandising ensures that we offer our customers the right products at the right price, at the right time and in the right place, respecting the company’s objectives. The team works closely together with experts from other teams and our partners.


The sales department draws up our multichannel sales concepts. Local teams in different markets are responsible for implementing the concepts as well as for cooperation with our distributors. Sales staff in Marimekko stores create inspiring customer encounters, ensuring that customers return to shop with us time and time again.

Marketing, PR and communications

The marketing, PR and communications departments are responsible for the visibility of Marimekko, the promotion of the Marimekko brand and the visual image of the company. They also manage relationships with the media, investors and stakeholders. Our marketing and communications professionals target their expertise at supporting sales with inspiring content and interesting events, and ensuring that Marimekko has sufficient presence on multiple digital media channels.


The duties of HR include recruitment, orientation training, expertise development and the promotion of well-being at work. HR works to secure the prerequisites for productive performance and the implementation of the Marimekko Spirit across the company.

Financial, business control and legal affairs

The financial and business control departments support the business and strategic policies of Marimekko from the financial and business intelligence perspectives. They monitor the company’s profitability, produce and analyse other information needed for business controlling, and manage tasks related to accounting, financial statements, budgeting and taxation. The Marimekko legal affairs department is responsible for legal and IPR matters.


The IT department makes sure that the systems used by employees support Marimekko’s business operations and evolve with the changing needs of the company.

Sustainability, quality assurance

The sustainability function works to enhance the sustainability of Marimekko’s in-house operations, products and the supply chain – in cooperation with other functions – and communicates sustainability matters to stakeholders. The aim of the quality team is to assure and enhance the quality and compliance of Marimekko products, aided by the design, sourcing and product development teams.