We provide an inspiring and caring workplace

We believe in fairness, courage and cooperation, and we foster an open, low-hierarchical corporate culture that is based on creativity and entrepreneurship. In addition to supporting our employees to reach their full potential in terms of e.g. the utilization of their skills and creativity, we put strong focus on the continuous improvement of our practices, processes, leadership culture and other areas impacting employee experience. Everything is done in alignment with our values, the Marimekko Spirit, and our Code of Conduct, which provide a framework for our way of working at Marimekko. To support providing and inspiring, responsible, and caring workplace, we have specific guidelines and processes in place for, e.g., occupational health and safety, well-being at work, onboarding as well as employee engagement, performance and development.

At Marimekko, personnel well-being is enhanced by promoting employees’ health, work ability and functional capacity, and by ensuring an empowering working atmosphere. Read more about Marimekko as an employer.