We want to be a forerunner in developing our products and practices throughout the value chain, for instance, by extending the lifespan of our products and increasing the use of organic and recycled materials.

Determined sustainability efforts support Marimekko’s long-term success and sustainability has been defined as one of the five strategic success factors during the strategy period of 2023–2027. Our teams promote this as part of our daily activities. Our design philosophy and our operations have always been based on a sustainable approach: we want to provide our customers with timeless, functional and high-quality products that bring them long-lasting joy and that they will not want to throw away.

Throughout our 70 years’ history, our aim has been to create timeless design and future classic – products that bring joy for generations to come.

Timeless design

We believe that, in the future, timeless and high-quality products will be made in balance with the environment, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Products of tomorrow

We want to promote equality and fairness and foster diversity and inclusivity in our own operations, throughout our value chain and society at large.

Positive change