IR Calendar 2024

Before declaring financial results, Marimekko observes a closed period of 30 days. During this silent period, we do not meet analysts or investors, or participate capital market events.

DateTime (EET)Event 
15.1.2024 - 14.2.2024Full daySILENT PERIOD
18.1.202423:59Possible requests from shareholders to include matters on the agenda of Annual General Meeting 2023
15.2.20248:00Financial Statements Bulletin 2023
week 12Financial Statements 2023
16.4.202414:00Annual General Meeting
14.4.2024 - 14.5.2024Full day SILENT PERIOD
15.5.20248:00Q1 Interim Report 2024
16.7.2024 - 14.8.2024Full day SILENT PERIOD
15.8.20248:00Half-year Financial Report 2024
7.10.2024 - 6.11.2024Full daySILENT PERIOD
7.11.20248:00Q3 Interim Report 2024