We contribute to the circular economy through new processes and services

Ensuring circularity of the value chain is one of the most important priorities for the fashion industry. At Marimekko, we aim to enable circularity through various measures implemented across our value chain. As we shift toward a material portfolio consisting increasingly of, e.g., organic and recycled materials, we also aim, as part of our design and product development, to choose materials and fabric qualities that are recyclable. These include mono materials, which only consist of one fiber or raw material. Through new material innovations, we aim to move towards fully circular materials that can be recycled several times without a decline in the quality or durability of the fiber.

We seek to support our customers in recycling well-worn Marimekko items. Following the successful pilot from 2021, we launched in 2022 in Marimekko’s home market Finland a marketplace for Marimekko second-hand and vintage goods to further extend the lifespan of our products. Already in the fall of 2022, the service was expanded from ready-to-wear and accessories to home products.

In 2021, we founded a new in-house, cross-functional innovation team, Innovation Works. In 2022, the team focused especially on innovations related to circularity.