Marimekko Upcycled – re-purposing materials to bring joy

The Marimekko design philosophy is independent of changing trends. It’s rooted in a genuine desire to inspire through timeless, sustainable and functional design. At Marimekko, we are committed to making timeless items that last in use for a long time. We also constantly seek new, innovative ways to take steps towards a circular economy.

Marimekko Upcycled is a pilot concept that brings you a limited edition of reworked Marimekko pieces. Whether fashion or home items, there’s always a way to re-purpose the material to bring true joy for years to come

Heritage reconstructed

This fall, we have reimagined the legendary Jokapoika (every boy) shirt, an epitome of timeless design in continuous production since 1956. Designed and reconstructed by hand using Jokapoika shirts from earlier seasonal collections at the Marimekko atelier in Helsinki, these wearable pieces of art represent development towards a circular economy.

Composed using a modern patchwork technique, the Marimekko Upcycled capsule brings you more than 30 nearly unique color combinations of the Jokapoika shirt with two playful options for the fabric composition. By segueing between artistry and craftsmanship, the Upcycled capsule turns the gender-fluid uniform of creative thinkers and doers into a series of coveted collectibles.

The Upcycled capsule will be available only online and exclusively in Europe from 26 November 2021.

Discover the Marimekko Upcycled capsule