Marimekko x WST second hand collection launched

Marimekko products are designed to last and stay beautiful. When well taken care of, they can last for a long time. Nevertheless, it has happened to us all that for one reason or another, a product is not used as much as planned. Marimekko is in a lucky position what comes to the good re-sell value of the products.

During the past year we have thought a lot about circular economy and how we can pro-long the useful life of Marimekko products further. Luckily we found We Started This online second hand shop and its founders Sara, Marta and Laura with whom we decided to collaborate on selling pre-loved Marimekko products online. We started with an idea to collect less used Marimekko items from Marimekko personnel to be sold in the WST online store. In this way we can do our part to encourage people to pass on their Marimekko products in a sustainable way.

A WST x Marimekko product collection based on the pilot was launched on the WST online store and WST’s store in Iso-Omena shopping centre in Espoo, Finland in November 2015. We hope that the dresses and other items collected from Marimekko personnel with their fascinating stories will find a new happy owner with the help of WST. Based on the pilot we can collect feedback and develop the re-sell concept of Marimekko items further in the coming year.

Get to know the WST x Marimekko collection at WST online store.

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