Marimekko’s Sustainability Review 2018 is published

Marimekko’s Sustainability Review 2018 is now available on our website. The review presents our progress in implementing our sustainability commitments and covers, among other things, our use of sustainable materials, sustainability in our supply chain, the environmental impacts of our in-house operations, as well as our work to develop our personnel and the workplace. You can find the Sustainability Review here >>

Share of sustainable cotton reached 64 per cent

Marimekko is committed to continuously increasing the share of more sustainable cotton in its products. For us, the more sustainable alternative is mainly Better Cotton and, on a seasonal basis, organic or recycled cotton. In 2018, the share of more sustainably produced Better Cotton rose by 11 percentage points from the previous year and reached 64 per cent. Read more about the Better Cotton Initiative at >>

Circular economy provides new opportunities

Since the company’s establishment, the Marimekko design philosophy has been founded on the idea of timelessness. In best cases, our products are passed on from one generation to the next. Extending a product’s life cycle is also an effective way to reduce its environmental footprint, and we want to contribute to lengthening our products’ life cycles. We have since 2015 cooperated in Finland with Vestis (previously We Started This), a retailer of second-hand clothing and accessories. More than one thousand Marimekko products changed hands during a pop-up event that took place in September 2018.

Want to know more?

We believe that cooperation is the best way to bring about positive change. Developing our sustainability requires continuous work and improvements and we want to be transparent about our journey. Therefore, during the Fashion Revolution week in April, we launched a new way to engage in dialogue with consumers: “Behind the patterns” questions and answers sessions in Instagram Stories. During these sessions, you can ask us about our sustainability work and other topics as well.