Marimekko’s Sustainability Review 2019 is published

Marimekko’s Sustainability Review 2019 detailing our progress in all our sustainability targets is now available.

During year 2019, we took major steps in increasing the share of more sustainable materials in our products and packaging: our sourcing of Better Cotton reached an all-time high and represented 88 percent of all the cotton used in Marimekko. Furthermore, both our cooperation with the Finnish fiber technology company Spinnova and the Ioncell™ project led by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, which aim at developing more sustainable materials, took significant leaps forward. We continued our work to extend the product life, to minimize our environmental impacts as well as our efforts to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, among others. We also started to map our carbon footprint in more detail and made a study, for example, on the emissions generated from our operations in the Marimekko House.

We believe that cooperation is the best way to bring about positive change. Marimekko’s design philosophy and operations have always been based on a sustainable approach: we want to provide our customers with timeless, practical and durable products that bring them long-lasting joy and that they will not want to throw away but instead pass on to the next generation. Developing our sustainability requires continuous work and improvements and we want to be transparent about our journey. Read the report and give us feedback!