We offer durable, high quality and functional products

Rigorous quality management processes both for our own printing factory and partner suppliers ensure the quality of materials used as well as durability and high-quality of products. The quality of the products is monitored constantly by Marimekko’s own quality team, in our own quality laboratory, by external testing laboratories and Marimekko suppliers.

Marimekko has its own textile laboratory in Helsinki, which performs around 4,000 tests in a year. Textile materials are tested in the laboratory according to international standards. We also carry out tests for new, more sustainable materials such as fabrics printed with natural colors. Tests are carried out regarding, for example, shrinkage, color fastness and abrasion resistance. External testing services are used when needed, for instance, for testing dry cleaning, light fastness or chemical residues. All our new products and materials are tested in everyday use before they are included in our collection.

Certifications and labels guarantee safety

Many of our products and materials have been granted a variety of certifications and labels guaranteeing their safety.

Majority of the fabrics printed in Marimekko textile printing factory in Helsinki are certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The certificate guarantees that the materials in question have been tested by an independent third party and contain no substances harmful to people or the environment as detailed in the standard criteria. In addition to the certified materials in the printing factory, Marimekko’s bed linen and terry products as well as most of our clothing fabrics and knitwear yarns are certified according to the standard.

The product safety label CE mark guarantees that the product has been checked for compliance with basic safety requirements. Reflectors, oven mittens and kettle holders have to bear the CE mark.

Our dishes and tin cans are food safe. Legislation on this subject protects human health from harmful substances which could be transferred to food from the article or the materials used in it.