Traceable and responsibly produced down

In November it’s a good time to take out the winter coat or find a new favorite jacket for the coming winters. Marimekko’s winter collection offers coats to suit many tastes, but in a particularly cold weather, nothing compares to a down coat.

Marimekko’s winter 2015 collection contains two down coats: Gridi and Rasteri. Both coats are made in China near Shanghai by a local contract manufacturer specialized in high-quality down-filled products. Coats are filled with duck down which is a byproduct of the local food industry.

The journey of animal-derived raw materials, such as down, wool and mohair from the farm to the store is a long and multifaceted and therefore ensuring animal welfare in the beginning of the chain can be challenging. Fortunately, traceability and responsibility standards have been developed to help ensure responsible raw material production.

The down used in Marimekko’s down coats is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard and the certification covers the process from the animal farms up until processing the down. In addition, the manufacturer has a Downpass Certificate, which guarantees that the down has not been plucked from live birds in accordance with the Marimekko product policy.

Responsibly produced down coat warms the body and soul.