Vegetable-tanned vachetta leather gains beautiful patina over time

Leather is a versatile and sensitive material which can be tanned, or in other words protected, in various ways. The purpose of tanning is to make the leather long-lasting and easily modifiable material which can be used for various purposes. Different types of tans also create a different kind of look and feel.

Marimekko’s spring and summer 2016 bag collection includes for the first time also bags made of vachetta leather. Instead of using chrome-tanning the vachetta used in the bags has been vegetable-tanned. In addition to vegetable-tanning, the leather has not been treated in any way, which will over time give it a beautiful and unique patina. Due to the lack of additional treatment, vachetta leather is also sensitive what it comes to humidity, stains, and scratches. When you treat vachetta leather right, it is as long-lasting as other leather types, despite of its delicate nature.

How to take care of vachetta leather:

  • Avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as sanitisers, make-up, and perfums
  • If the leather gets wet, press it with clean light-colored cloth.
  • Soaps, detergents and conditioners designed for leather might expedite the darkening of vachetta leather.
  • Vachetta bag is recommended to be stored in a cotton dust bag.

Marimekko uses only leather obtained from cows, sheep and goats as a food industry by-product. Vachetta leather used in Marimekko’s spring and summer 2016 bag collection is cow leather originating from France. Vachetta leather has been used for example in bags called Soile, Aina, Kaisa, and Riikka.