Sustainability at Marimekko

For us sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything we do. Our value "fairness to everyone and everything" crystallises our sustainability thinking. We treat other people fairly, and we create products that bring joy for a long time with minimal impacts on the environment.

The focus areas of our sustainability work are in developing sustainable design and responsible sourcing – without neglecting the entire value chain of the products.

Strategic sustainability objectives

The overall objective of Marimekko's corporate responsibility strategy for 2011–2015 is in making environmental, social and financial sustainability based on the common values and goals an integral part of everything we do. The specific goals by area are:

  • improving the durability of products through product development and quality control
  • increasing the proportion of more sustainable materials in the collections
  • eliciting the commitment of strategic suppliers for developing their own sustainability
  • constant monitoring of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of products
  • absolute user-safety of products in all circumstances
  • continuous reduction of the environmental impacts of in-house manufacturing relative to the volume of operations
  • educating customers in caring for products and the impacts during use
  • employee satisfaction with Marimekko and the company's sustainability work.