At Marimekko, responsible sourcing covers also animal derived materials

We at Marimekko follow the principles of responsible sourcing. All partner suppliers commit to following our Supplier Code of Conduct. To support the responsible material sourcing, we have defined Product Policy that includes sustainability requirements for different materials and their production. This policy is binding on all our partner suppliers.   

Our Product Policy also includes the principles of responsible sourcing of animal derived materials and our requirements for wool, leather and down, among others.

Marimekko a member of Leather Working Group

Marimekko’s product assortment includes leather products, such as leather bags. In the spring 2023, we joined Leather Working Group initiative that is committed to building a more sustainable supply chain for leather. The community includes actors from all parts of the leather supply chain, representing all industries where leather is used.

Leather is a long-lasting material, when cared for correctly. The leather used in Marimekko’s products is always a by-product of meat production as we only accept leather from animals that have been bred for food production. We do not accept leather from regions where the farmland has been acquired through deforestation of forests with high conservation values, as from the Amazon region.

We continuously aim to increase the share of certified and traceable leather in our products. In the autumn 2023, we piloted a new way of working in leather material traceability and introduced the Imprint leather bag series. The bags in the series are made of traceable Scandinavian leather and every single piece of leather can be tracked down to an individual farm.

Responsible sourcing also the key in other animal derived materials

In line with our Product Policy, we give preference to certified materials, which improves supply chain transparency by enhancing chain of custody.

We continuously increase, for example, the share of certified wool in our products – in 2022 the share of certified and responsibly produced wool was 57 percent of all wool used, including recycled wool. According to our Product Policy we only accept merino wool from suppliers that do not use mulesing as part of their animal husbandry practices.

Our product assortment includes also down products. In accordance with our Product Policy, all down used in our products must be recycled or certified. In addition, we only accept down and feathers from birds bred for food production. In 2023, there are less than ten down products in the collections, mainly jackets.

We do not accept fur, angora or non-certified mohair/alpaca in Marimekko’s products.

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