In 2020, we among other things focused on sustainable material choices and emission reduction in our sustainability work

Sustainability is part of Marimekko’s DNA and sustainability considerations are part of our daily work at Marimekko. In 2020, we among other things worked to increase the proportion of more sustainable materials in our products as well as to reduce emissions. In addition, we continued our work on developing a more responsible supply chain.

In 2020, our carbon dioxide emission were 47 percent *) smaller than in 2019. As a result of continuous development work and emission offsetting, our own operations, including our printing factory, our offices and the stores we operate around the world, became carbon neutral in 2020.

One of the focus areas of our sustainability strategy is increasing the share of more sustainable materials in our products and packaging. 82 percent of the cotton sourced by us was more sustainable Better Cotton in 2020. We continued actively participating in developing new materials – the first-ever printed clothes made of Spinnova’s wood-based fiber containing no harmful chemicals were printed in our own printing factory in Helsinki, Finland. In addition, the first fabrics were printed with natural dyes in our printing factory as a result of the collaboration between Marimekko and Natural Indigo Finland.

More information about our sustainability work in 2020 has been updated to the sustainability section of our website. The latest information is available also in our financial statements 2020. Visit also the frequently asked questions here.

*) The figure for 2020 has been calculated using the 2019 emission factor.