Sustainability at Marimekko

For us sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything we do. Our value “fairness to everyone and everything” crystallizes our sustainability thinking. We treat people fairly, and we create products that bring joy for a long time with minimal impacts on the environment.

The focus in our sustainability work is especially in developing sustainable design and responsible sourcing – without neglecting the entire value chain of the products.

Marimekko’s sustainability strategy 2016-2020

In 2016, we published our sustainability strategy extending to the year 2020. When drawing up the strategy we took into account the feedback collected from our principal stakeholders, such as investors, NGOs, and customers.

Our sustainability strategy is crystallised into five commitments:

  • Designing timeless, long-lasting, and functional products
  • Inspiring and engaging our customers and staff
  • Promoting responsible practices throughout our supply chain
  • Being resource-efficient and caring for the environment
  • Offering an inspiring and responsible workplace

Read more about our commitments and targets.