Get yourself a true feel good coat!

Winter is coming and the idea of a warm teddy bear hug is starting to sound very appealing. This warm and fuzzy feeling must have been also on Marimekko’s designer Emmakaisa Soisalo’s mind when she designed the Yvette coat, one of the special gems of Marimekko’s Fall/Winter 2016 ready-to-wear collection; Yvette coat is made of natural mohair, exactly the same fur that has been used in teddy bears for decades!

”It felt like a nice idea to combine fuzzy fur and feminine cut in the coat’s design. Upright collar guarantees that you feel warm also without a scarf. The colour is designed just for Marimekko and we actually used mohair thread of two different shades of grey in order to make the colour as delicious and deep as possible”, says Emmakaisa Soisalo, the designer behind Yvette coat.

The mohair used in Marimekko’s Yvette coat comes from Angora goats from South Africa. Mohair goats are happy champs as they are kept on farms with large pastures, where the animals run free day and night. Shearing the fleece from the animals is done by hand with a shear blade and the animals do not suffer at any stage of the process.

The actual teddy bear fabric is made in Duisburg, Germany by over a 100-year-old teddy fur company. The coat gets its final form in Lithuania in the capable hands of the employees of Marimekko’s long-term cutting and sewing partner.

Yvette, just like its little sister Baani coat from Marimekko’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, is a real feel good coat!

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