IKEA x Marimekko – meet our designers behind the collaboration

Marimekko and IKEA have launched a limited-edition collection inspired by nature and the self-care rituals of the Nordic sauna. The BASTUA collection combines IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Marimekko’s iconic print design in products for wellbeing at home.

This is the first time that Marimekko has designed a set of prints especially for a collaboration, making it truly unique. The collection features four special prints created by our established designers Maija Louekari and Sami Ruotsalainen.

The collaboration prints and textures were inspired by exuberant rhubarbs that grow near sauna buildings, the soft, curved cuts of carved wood, and gentle water ripples on lakes illuminated by the midnight sun. The collection’s furniture, glassware, and vibrantly patterned textiles encapsulate the simple beauty of Nordic nature.​

Maija Louekari is a Helsinki-based freelance illustrator and designer. Inspired by small observations of everyday life, Maija’s patterns combine narrative line drawing with skillful use of powerful color surfaces. Her most recognizable Marimekko designs are Siirtolapuutarha (city garden) and Räsymatto (rag rug). In the BASTUA collection, Raparperi (rhubarb), Höyrykukka (steam flower), and Pötkö (bar stripe) are designed by Maija.

“The Raparperi pattern is inspired by the large, decorative rhubarb leaves that sometimes grow next to sauna buildings in Finland. The wide, green leaves are a sight to remember – and the pink stem is a juicy, crunchy treat,” Maija tells.

The creator of Marimekko’s modern classic, the Oiva tableware series, Senior Designer Sami Ruotsalainen combines precision with a delicate feeling for materials and form. Sami’s passions are vintage ceramics and cooking, the latter often inspires his new product ideas. The BASTUA collection marks the first time we see a print designed by Sami as the collection presents the Puuleikkaus (woodcarving) print by Sami.​

The IKEA x Marimekko collaboration invites you to live boldly, joyfully and well. The BASTUA limited-edition collection is available exclusively in IKEA retail channels starting in March. This collaboration is not available in Marimekko’s channels.

Explore the collection: https://www.marimekko.com/eu_en/ikea-x-marimekko.