Marimekko awarded Kuutti Lemmetyinen at Näytös23 fashion show

At Finnish Aalto University’s Näytös23 fashion show on Friday 26 May 2023, the annual Marimekko award was granted to one of the collections by the master’s and bachelor’s students at Aalto University’s Fashion program. The 2023 Marimekko award went to Kuutti Lemmetyinen, who graduated from the bachelor’s degree program in clothing design at the School of Arts and Design.

“Kuutti Lemmetyinen’s final project collection has a strong concept and an intellectual approach to clothing. Materials are used innovatively in the fresh, up-to-date implementation of the collection,” says Satu Maaranen, Head Designer of Marimekko Kioski, about the selection criteria.

As a winner of the Marimekko award, Lemmetyinen is invited to Marimekko’s Innovation Works team for a half-year paid internship. As an alternative to internship, he can choose a scholarship. The internship opportunity is part of the Innovation Works team’s regular internship cooperation with Aalto University.

Näytös is an annual fashion show for the graduating BA Fashion and MA Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design students. Näytös is one of the most important fashion events in Finland and part of the wider Fashion in Helsinki fashion week.

Warm congratulations to Kuutti and all the graduating students!

Photo: Mikko Raskinen