Marimekko joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network to accelerate company’s circular economy journey

At Marimekko, we believe that, in the future, timeless and sustainable products will be made in balance with the environment, in line with the principles of the circular economy and with a transparent supply chain. We know that achieving this ambitious vision requires multidisciplinary and long-term development work from one year to another but also continuously driving innovation in technologies, materials and business models in collaboration with our various partners.

To accelerate our journey toward our vision, we have recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Network Member. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an international charity committed to the creation of a circular economy that tackles global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. A circular economy is built on three principles, all driven by design: eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature.

Ensuring circularity across the value chain is one of the most important priorities for the fashion industry. Together, we can build an industry that designs products to be used more, made to be made again, and made from safe and recycled or renewable inputs.

At Marimekko, we continue to enable circularity through various measures implemented across our value chain. For instance, we continuously strive to prolong the life cycle of our products and to recycle textile waste generated from the production of Marimekko’s products as a raw material for the new products. At Marimekko, we want to lead by example and help, step by step, the entire industry toward a more sustainable future.

More information about Marimekko’s sustainability goals and efforts can be found from Marimekko’s Sustainability Review.

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