Marimekko launches a new glass series designed by Matti Klenell

In August, Marimekko launches its new glass series, designed by Swedish designer Matti Klenell. The Syksy (autumn) series explores nature and weather phenomena, a recurrent theme also in Marimekko’s art of printmaking.

The new glassware combines functional shapes with a drawn pattern inspired by the Nordic autumn rain, from a gentle drizzle to powerful, drenching downpours. The series features a mouth-blown tumbler, goblet and carafe. The practical pieces are stackable and combine well with other Marimekko tableware items.

“We are expanding our category for table setting with a completely new glass series which brings a sense of lightness to our already rich assortment. Matti Klenell’s personal touch can be seen in the ability to combine shape and pattern into a functional entity and a part of everyday tableware. The Syksy glass series brings a breath of fresh autumn rain into Marimekko’s world of nuanced print, shape and color,” says Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Design Director, Home & Print Design at Marimekko.

“Marimekko is a world leading manufacturer of prints in both fashion and interior design so when being asked to collaborate with this great Finnish institution it felt natural to focus on patterns and in particular the interaction of two-dimensional ornaments and three-dimensional shape. The Syksy series brings a touch of silent calm, perhaps even a bit of melancholy, that give the items an interesting unique expression”, says Matti Klenell

About Matti Klenell

Matti Klenell is a Swedish designer who has, in addition to glassware, designed furniture and lighting fixtures. He is known for his exceptional sense of form and ability to create completely new interpretations that, with only a few strokes of the pencil, update the Nordic design tradition.

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