Marimekko one of the main partners for Helsinki Pride 2022

Marimekko is proud to be one of the main partners at Helsinki Pride 2022. Helsinki Pride is the most colorful culture and human rights event of the year, bringing together all the colors of the rainbow. The Helsinki Pride community seeks to eliminate inequality embedded in culture and language as well as social structures, values, and norms.  

At Marimekko, we have always believed that fairness and non-discriminatory ways of working are the foundation of true creativity, and our mission is to empower people to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives through bold prints and colors. 

Helsinki Pride 2022 capsule collection showcases a new print, Sateenkaari Unikko  

For Helsinki Pride 2022, we designed a capsule collection consisting of two T-shirts, a canvas bag, and a pair of socks. These limited-edition pieces showcase a fusion print created especially for Helsinki Pride Week. This modern fusion combines Unikko and Sateenkaari prints by Maija Isola. The rainbow, long considered a symbol of hope, was adopted by the queer community in 1978 when artist and drag queen Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag for use in the San Francisco parade. During that same decade, in 1971, Maija Isola designed the Sateenkaari print for Marimekko. 

The fusion print was designed to celebrate the theme of Helsinki Pride 2022 – Encounters. The theme aims to highlight one of the core missions of Helsinki Pride: Enabling everyone to be seen and met as themselves, free of fear and discrimination. Communality is one of the most important values behind the Pride movement. The Helsinki Pride organization wants to tear down discriminatory structures, bring people together and make room for all the colors of the rainbow. Marimekko will donate to Helsinki Pride for each Pride product sold.  

Themed art window in Marimekko’s Aleksinkulma store 

In addition to the capsule collection, Marimekko celebrates Helsinki Pride 2022 by initiating various activities around Helsinki. For instance, Marimekko has commissioned Swedish and Greek queer artist Björk Hijoort to paint a themed art window for Marimekko’s Aleksinkulma store in the Helsinki city center. Björk is known for her colorful works that often depict female or animal figures, plants, or fairytale moments.  

Björk’s artwork will be displayed on the window of Marimekko Aleksinkulma during weeks 25 and 26, and in addition to encounters, it will emphasize the wide spectrum of gender expression and sexual orientation. Working on the window painting, Björk is in her element, as she wants to bring art out from the galleries and the walls of private residences for everyone to see. “Art belongs to everyone. You don’t have to understand art to enjoy it. Not all art is meant to be enjoyed, as long as it evokes emotions,” she says. 

Marimekko will also participate in the official street parade as well as donate seating pads made from leftover fabric for the parade’s park picnic participants.  

Helsinki Pride Week takes place from 26 June to 3 July. 

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