Marimekko Pre-loved marketplace to extend product lifespan

Marimekko Pre-loved is a community-driven marketplace for Marimekko vintage and second-hand goods. In the marketplace you can sell and buy Marimekko’s timeless fashion and home products as well as accessories and bags. In addition to peer-to-peer sales, Marimekko Pre-loved enables independent B2C vendors to sell their Marimekko second-hand goods in one concise marketplace. With the launch of the marketplace, Marimekko seeks to further increase the lifespan of its products.

The new resale service implements one of the guiding principles of Marimekko’s sustainability strategy: Timeless design brings joy for generations to come. The company’s objective is that, during their lifetime, Marimekko items bring joy to many different consumers, even generations, after which they are finally recycled into new products. Marimekko Pre-loved honors this timeless design philosophy – Marimekko lovers can now discover new pieces from the past decades whilst giving their pre-owned goods a second life.

“Marimekko’s design philosophy and operations have always been based on a sustainable approach – we want to provide our customers with timeless, functional and durable products that bring them long-lasting joy and that they will not want to throw away. Marimekko Pre-loved is a concrete example of our timeless design as it will enable our community to find pre-owned treasures, offering a new conscious and convenient alternative to bring joy to people’s everyday life through colors and prints,” says Suvi-Elina Enqvist, Head of Innovation Works at Marimekko.

Marimekko Pre-loved can be found at Joining and listing items on the platform is free of charge. Sellers will be able to either directly redeem their earnings in cash or exchange them into a gift voucher to be used on

Marimekko Pre-loved is available only in Finland, but the service is planned to be extended also to other markets in the near future.