Spinnova x Marimekko collaboration through the eyes of Marimekko’s Pauliina Varis 

Marimekko and Spinnova have just presented their first joint commercially available capsule collection featuring printed products made using responsible, wood-based SPINNOVA® fiber. 

How does an industry-level disruption look from the inside perspective? Meet Pauliina Varis, Product and Material Development Lead from Marimekko’s Innovation Works. 

Pauliina Varis has been in the Spinnova x Marimekko project team from the product development to the go-to-market phase. The two companies have been collaborating on testing, developing, and commercializing new textiles made of SPINNOVA® fiber since 2017. Part of a spirited group of professionals, Pauliina oversees the collaboration from Marimekko’s side with a focus on creating timeless, long-lasting, and high-quality end products. This means close cooperation with the various Marimekko teams and Spinnova. 

Pauliina’s highlights of the collab, so far, include the Marimekko team’s first visit to Spinnova’s production line – to see how such a straightforward mechanical fiber production process can prove to be a true game changer. Another highpoint was seeing the new fabric being printed on an industrial scale at Marimekko’s printing factory for the first time. According to Pauliina, the secret of success lies in a closely connected cross-company team on a shared mission. 

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