Releases and Publications Privacy Statement

Drafted on 24.5.2018, updated on 16.6.2022

1. Data controller

Marimekko Corporation (Business ID 0111316-2)
Puusepänkatu 4
00880 Helsinki

2. Data controller contact information

Communications Director, Anna Tuominen
Tel. 09 758 71

3. Name of the data file

Stock exchange and press releases and orders of annual publications of Marimekko data file.

4. Grounds and purpose for processing personal data

Grounds for processing personal data is based on agreement (ordering of releases or publications). The purpose for processing personal data is delivering of press and stock exchange releases and annual publications.

The personal data in the data file is processed for the following purposes:

  • Administration of mailing lists of the releases and publications

5. Content of the data file and the group of the data subjects

The data file includes the following personal data, necessary for the purpose of the data file, of the person who have ordered releases or publications:

Basic information:

  • First name, last name
  • Contact information (mailing address, email address, telephone number)

The data file also includes the following information:

  • Title, company
  • Fax number

Regarding press and stock exchange releases the system where the data is administered and retained enables also the gathering of the following information:

  • Photograph
  • Education background
  • Social media information

The above information are fixed functions in the system and it is not possible to cut them off. Marimekko does not gather or use the above information.

6. Sources of information

The source of information is primarily the data subjects themselves. Other sources of information are used within the limits of the law.

7. Disclosure and transfer of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA area

Data regarding press and stock exchange releases are retained in GlobeNewswire system, which is administered by Nasdaq. Nasdaq acts as a data processor of the data file and processes the information according to Marimekko´s assignment. Marimekko will ensure the reliability of the data processor and the data protection and data security requirements will be agreed in writing with the data processor.

Data regarding the annual releases is retained in a data file maintained by Marimekko.

Personal data may be disclosed and transferred within the Marimekko group and to partners or service providers also outside the EU/EEA area for the purpose for processing personal data disclosed in this privacy statement.
If personal data is transferred outside the EU/EEA, we will ensure that appropriate contractual measures (e.g. using standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission) are applied to the transfer, the transfer is lawful and that the processing and confidentiality are in compliance with the applicable laws.

8. Principles of the protection and retention period

The data file can only be accessed by specified persons to the extent of their duties.

The data is retained until the subscribers unsubscribe.

9. Rights of the data subject

Right to inspect data and right to demand the rectification of data

Data subjects have the right to inspect the data stored in the data file of themselves and to demand rectification and deletion of incorrect information. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the contact person of this data file mentioned in point 2.

Other rights

According to the GDPR the data subjects have the right to object, restrict the processing of data on themselves or ask for removal of data and the right to make a complaint on the processing of personal data to the national Data Protection Ombudsman.